Social Media Marketing Essex

We are a full service agency based in Essex offer businesses an integrated digital management service.  Many small businesses struggle with maintaining their social media management despite the fact that:

  • 65% of new business comes through referral (NY Times)
  •  48% of job vacancies get filled by referral (LinkedIn)
  • People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend or colleague (Nielsen)
  • Referred customers spend 13.2% more than others. (Marketing Week)
  • 'Facebook Inc.' has 2.2 Billion Users (Business Insider)
Social Media Marketing Essex

Companies realise they need to take a serious professional approach to developing their business utilising modern technology and social media channels. Without an effective integrated digital strategy, businesses are left behind by competitors who have grasped the advantages of the digital age.

Social Media is a global phenomenon. Facebook alone boasts over 1 billion users to date. It provides everyone in the world with a voice – and an audience. It has become an essential part of peoples' digital life, as well as platform for business – it can drive sales, spread brand awareness and improve customer loyalty. Whether you're new to Social Media, or you have a strategy you'd like to take to the next level, our expert team can help your organisation achieve real results.

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A Facebook friend or fan is more than 41 percent more likely to recommend the product to his friends and family. We tap into the trend and increase your referrals through a variety of social media approaches — including company pages, tweets, blogs and by providing interesting information and articles that followers want to share with their friends.


Twitter is a key way for a business to develop awareness, raise its profile, understand its market and interact with existing and future customers in real time. Increasingly, businesses are including some sort of “call to action” button as the asset, such as sign up to a newsletter or mailing list.

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LinkedIn allows you to network with your contacts, see who they know, and then see who you’re connected to in turn.  It’s focussed on business users, and search engines pick up your LinkedIn page, so if someone is looking specifically for you, they might well find that first.


Pinterest is gathering momentum in the business engagement sphere. A Pin is an image or video which contains a link back to their source and can be monitored through referral traffic. Pins are organised on boards and many businesses highlight their most popular Pins on their websites.

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YouTube has become key to success in search ranking has the demand for video contact has grown. WSS Creative can create a YouTube channel and implement the video onto your website. This will provides a great platform for creating fantastic interactive content that helps to cement your brand identity, whilst simultaneously providing you with a built in audience throughout the web.

Blogs and Forums

Blogs and forums are a great way to interact with your customers. Users can comment, share and add their own voice which serves to increase trust and customer loyalty.

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Live chat

Live chat is a great way of communicating instantly with your customers. It's a valuable tool that can give your company the edge. Whether it's live customer support on your website, or cutting your call costs with Skype WSS Creative can add this facility to your website.

Supporting Collateral

WSS Creative can develop a variety of useful and authoritative thought-leadership collateral and activities which include articles, blogs, videos, whitepapers, speaking engagements and involvement with key 3rd party organisations. Contact Us today Social Media Marketing Essex to see how we can help you with your Social Media Marketing Essex at Don't forget to follow us on facebook.

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